20 Miles A Glass is a documentary about the non-profit organization, Wisdom Spring which partners alongside LBHS Walking for Water. Wisdom Spring works with high schools and their communities across the United States to bring clean drinking water to rural areas around the world. In the last decade, Wisdom Spring has installed over twenty wells in Sub-Saharan Africa which provide clean, safe, and accessible water for thousands of people in the region. To find out more about Wisdom Spring and how you can help solve the water crisis, visit wisdomspring.org 20 Miles A Glass is a Lifted Films production directed by Colter Johnson. www.colterjohnson.com

In the villages of Burkina Faso, West Africa, women and children have to walk up to 20 miles a day with heavy jugs on their heads to get water for their families.


Walking for Water is a club at Laguna Beach High School that is teaming up with the national nonprofit Wisdom Spring for the benefit of indigenous people in Africa. We are a group of teenagers who want to make a difference in the world.





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